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Blessed Brewing Santeria Stout

To appreciate light, one must explore the dark. To appreciate our Parallax Pilsner, one must venture deeper to our Santeria Stout. The Santeria is the savory drinker’s beer, with caramel, malt, chocolate and a perfect smooth bitterness.

Sometimes dark days can lead to light nights. Should we not make light of the madness of the world on an ordinary Wednesday? As we settle in by the candlelight and reflect on friend and foe, lover and quarrel, how can we forget that as we sometimes struggle to make the pieces fit, so do the people around us? What if we first send those people our good vibrations, then accommodate ourselves?

Start by ordering your friend a Santeria Stout at the local pub. After all, misery loves company, great minds think alike, the silent prayer might be the mender, and positive vibrations attract.

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