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Blessed Brewing Big fifty Pale Ale

Imagine an aromatic and flavorful beer with the perfect amount of hops. Imagine a beer so smooth that you can’t put it down. This is the Big Fifty Pale Ale. We use the highest quality hops, yeast, and grains on the planet to craft this masterpiece.

We have chosen the American Bison and the conventional triangle to represent our Big Fifty Pale Ale. Dependable and strong, the Big Fifty is a beer for true beer drinkers, not snobby hop charlatans. The Big Fifty is for us who value sophistication and whimsy, for us that stand proud yet can live free and move with the natural order of things. For Big Fifty drinkers, we enjoy a great tasting beer along with the pride and encouragement of our small community, and the sharing of good times with close friends.

Big Fifty ABV
Big Fifty Pale Ale Vibes

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